Porgera Landowners Association Annual General Meeting Outcome

Porgera Landowners Association Annual General Meeting Outcome
After a National Court ruling on 9th June 2018, found that “there was undisputed evidence that the term of office of the Executive Committee of the Porgera Landowners Association have long expired”, the members of the Association called for an Annual General Meeting of the Association to appoint new Executives, which meeting was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel, in Port Moresby, on 17th July 2018.
The meeting appointed a new Executive Committee including Mr. Ruben Nalepe who was appointed as the new Chairman of the Association. Mr. Nalepe is a clan leader and a Landowner Agent of the Pulumaini tribe of the Porgera Special Mining Lease area. Mr. John Kulina, from the Tieni tribe, who is a signatory to the Porgera Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the State and other agreements with the Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) was appointed Deputy Chairman. Six other Committee members were also appointed by the meeting.
The meeting, amongst other resolutions, also resolved for a new constitution to be drafted for approval, as there were many amendments to the original constitution done by the previous executive members, including further amendments done after the expiry of their term of office and without the approval of the members of the Association in any annual general meeting.
The New Chairman after the meeting, pledged to clean the Association and other institutions in Porgera of corruption and other criminal activities within the entities established as a result of the mine. These institutions have been destroyed by corrupt practices over the last twenty years, which consequently has driven the Porgera District from a prosperous, peaceful and fast developing District, to a backward, corruption riddled and tribal war- torn society. The other newly elected committee members also pledged to pursue a claim for damages against the State and the Porgera Joint Venture for non-compliance of their various Agreements and other damages they have suffered as a result of mining in Porgera.

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