Press release – 5th July 2018

The Resource Owners Federation of Papua New Guinea calls on the Government to ban the Fly in Fly out practice, adopted by resource developers in Papua New Guinea. The Fly in Fly out or commuter-based Mining and Petroleum development denies rural areas that host these projects of, social economic and other development benefits.
The Federation has not yet identified any country in our region which allows foreign employees to work in their countries on a Fly in Fly out basis. Instead, foreign workers are required to live in the countries of employment with their families for the duration of their employment contracts. This requirement ensures that the country and community in which the foreign employees work benefit from the disposable incomes of these workers.
Domestically, the Fly in Fly out practise in rural areas of some countries, is an ongoing issue of contention by local residents and their local-level governments because of the social and economic losses suffered by their local communities.
Our Political leaders must explain why PNG has been an exception to the norm for the last three decades and why it should continue to be an exception?
The Federation further observes that the Tourism Promotion Authority and its Minister have a tough job trying to attract foreign Tourists to this country for the tourist dollar. Yet the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Labour & Employment on the other hand, are facilitating and permitting foreign employees to work in our country on a Fly in Fly out basis, taking all of their salaries to their home countries, as regularly as twice a month. Someone high up in government should explain the logic behind this, as it is mind boggling even for persons of above average intelligence to understand.

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