Press Statement – 28th November, 2017


The majority of the Porgera Special Mining Lease (SML) landowners support the Enga Govenor Sir Peter IPATA’s,call for the National government not to renew the Porgera Special Mining Lease when it expires in 2019, and his call for an investigation into the issuing of fraudulent Water Permits to the PJV.

The Justice Foundation for PorgeraLtd (JFPL), has already notified the Registrar of Mining Tenements not to register the PJV’s application for the renewal of the SML, on the basis that a majority portion of the customary lands of the SML area, will not be available for mining purposes beyond 2019.

The reasons being that the landowners were deceived by the PJV and the government into providing their customary lands for mining purposes, yet derived no benefit butsuffered severe damages to their lands and environment, over the last 28 years of Lease. The PJV employees have subjected the landowners to unnecessary suffering including the rape of their women, murder of their relatives, destruction of their homes and other abuses of their human rights and dignity, all without any retribution whatsoever.

Further, the PJV and the State havenot delivered on their obligations, as agreed, within the Memorandum of Agreements and other agreements, entered into between the State and the Landowners during the term of the last SML.  The State and PJV’s obligations to landowners have an estimated value of more than US$4 billion, which claim has been submitted to the State and PJVin 2013, yet it remains outstanding.

The landowners will not allow any further mining on their lands when the issues of the criminal activities, fraudulent Water Permits and thehuman right violations and the outstanding entitlements remain outstanding.



John Ondalane

Director – 73040366

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